Amilo 3553 Pa Fan problem

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Amilo 3553 Pa Fan problem

Postby madis » Wed Feb 09, 2011 14:33

Okey, here's the thing. My laptops fan is making a wierd sound and its been getting louder lately. I have used compressed air but that dosent work. The problem started after my laptop was in warranty and they changed the motherboard, but now my warranty is over and i would like to know is there a way to open up the laptop with minimum effort. I tryed unscrewing 1 plate but it was stuck somewhere and i dont wanna break it also.

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Re: Amilo 3553 Pa Fan problem

Postby CryptoCanedv2 » Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:36


Hopefully im not too late posting this but i only just stumbled across this site trying to fix my laptop lol,
you can safely take out the heatsink if you unscrew the 4 black ones and the 3 silver ones holding the whole heatsink down, this gives you easy access to clean any lint or crap out of the fan. I did this yesterday and found a block of fluff that was making my fan work overtime and overheat LOADS. try and have some heatsink compound aswell to replace the stuff thats on there originally as when i took mine off it was like bluetack.

hope thats your problem solved now im off to post mine lol.

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