Amilo Li3710 and loading/booting an OS on a USB external HDD

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Amilo Li3710 and loading/booting an OS on a USB external HDD

Postby seanmckinney » Fri Jan 28, 2011 13:59

So far I am VERY pleased with my laptop, to the point where I tend to use it in preference to my PC. However there is one thing I am still trying to do and can't, I want to install an OS on an external HDD and occasionally boot the external OS rather than one of the 'internal' OS's (Linux and MS-Vista).
Because I have two OS's on the internal HDD, Fujitsu-Siemens kindly sent me the Vista cd/DVD etc but this can not be used to install vista on an external HDD. If I put the 'external HDD' in the laptop and install the OS and then return the HDD's to their original locations I can get the laptop to start booting from the 'external vista' (via setting the BIOS to boot USB:HDD-blah-blah-blah before booting the internal HDD) but the boot crashes.
If booting from the internal HDD the boot loader is the linux/unix thing "GRUB" and from memory that will not accept booting off an external HDD though there is something I want to try before say that is definite.

I don't see why booting an external OS should be impossible, otherwise why would the option be available in BIOS.

So any help or suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you.

Sean McKinney

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