Amilo Xi 3650 Screen is not bright enough!!!?

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Amilo Xi 3650 Screen is not bright enough!!!?

Postby Evil_Stewie » Thu Dec 09, 2010 16:14


New to the forum as I just purchased a second hand Amilo Xi 3650, expecting it be the wow factor having read the spec and review etc. but I need to establish before I decide to return it if there is indeed a fault with the screen or not? The screen is quite dim compared to my other laptops and it does not improve much when plugged in? I can see everything but its as bright or lively as I was hoping for, I even when the bright setting is to the maximum, it does not make that much of a difference? Therefore I'm not sure if the screen is on the way out, if so are there any other signs as I said before it acts as it should but just not bright enough even when plugged in and on max bright settings. HELP PLEASE :(

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Re: Amilo Xi 3650 Screen is not bright enough!!!?

Postby sabrex » Fri Dec 10, 2010 14:50

not possible to really make a descision on a forum post maybe get a second opinion from someone who can see the screen. I dont think a pic will help ? maybe...not sure

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