How to enable Rapid Storage SSD cache on the LIFEBOOK U772?

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Alex Sad
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How to enable Rapid Storage SSD cache on the LIFEBOOK U772?

Postby Alex Sad » Mon Aug 13, 2012 14:06

I have Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U772 ultrabook without preinstalled Windows 7. After installing OS by myself I can't set up internal 32 GB SSD cache with Rapid Storage technology. I've already installed all the necessary drivers including latest Rapid Storage driver from the Fujitsu Support page (v11.0.0.1032 if I'm not mistaken). But there is no Accelerate button in the Rapid Storage manager. SATA controller works in AHCI mode. There are also IDE and Compatibility modes in BIOS and no RAID option.
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What should I do to enable Rapid Storage Caching?

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Re: How to enable Rapid Storage SSD cache on the LIFEBOOK U7

Postby riek42 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:56

I have the exact same problem and am also still looking for a solution.
Anyone with an idea?

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Re: How to enable Rapid Storage SSD cache on the LIFEBOOK U7

Postby sabrex » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:44

Your unit does have a 32 GB, I-SSD cache for IRST & Express Cache
This is the Guide for Rapid Start Technology:
1. Windows-key and R-key
2. CMD
3. Diskpart
4. List disk
5. Remember the number of 32GB SSD.
6. Select the SSD (Sandisk). In this example the number "1".

Select disk 1
convert mbr
create partition primary size=8192
format fs=ntfs quick
set id=84

Thus, the partition is created for IRST.
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick
set id=73

Thus, the partition is created for Expresscache.
Now reboot !

Install the iRST Software from the DUDVD.

Install the Expresscache from the DUDVD.

Now reboot !

I dont know if you will see this.....
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...but let me know

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Re: How to enable Rapid Storage SSD cache on the LIFEBOOK U7

Postby MoD-Sepp » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:26

I had the same Problem with my Lifebook U772.
But I didn't get activated the AccelerateButton in the Intel Rapid Storage driver.

That is normal.

You can only use the Rapid Storage driver with an Desktop Mainboard and Z68 Chipset.

All ultrabooks like Samsung, Fujitsu etc with an Express Cache SSD use an external Software with name ExpressCache from diskeeper corporation.
This Software does the same like the Intel rapid storage driver but for Fujitsu without an nice gui.

Samsung has a little gui for the express cache, fujitsu has nothing. Here is a picture of the Samsung gui ... _cache.png

But you are able to get some infos with the command line.
Start command line with administrator rights, go to expresscache folder and start "eccmd -info"

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You get this software in the download section from Fujitsu.
When you download the driver package for first use, you can find it under the folder "utilities".
There is also a script for partitioning the SSD to use ExpressCache Software and Intel Rapid Start Technology

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