Mouse stops intermittently on 4 x Lifebook A530's

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Mouse stops intermittently on 4 x Lifebook A530's

Postby wezrauk » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:52

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on this issue. I've got 4 x Lifebook A530 notebooks (All i5 CPU versions, oldest one - 5 Months). What is happening that intermittently a couple of times of the day on all of them, the mouse appears to stop responding (locks up) for a brief few seconds then carries on as normal. This is happening randomly to all of them.

Some spec details
3 have a Crucial M4 SSD in them
1 has the standard seagate 500GB 5400.6 hdd
All running Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit (in ssd's case restored from factory restore disc)
All run Office 2010
All run Skype
All use the laptops for email (outlook), office work (excel, word, PowerPoint), comms (Skype only) and browsing (Firefox/Chrome, rarely use IE)
All are fully up to date via Microsoft
All apps are as up to date as they can be (Chrome, Firefox, Skype etc)
All drivers, bios and firmwares are as up to date as available
All users are using a USB mouse not the touch-pad, these are used as desktop replacements and are on raised platforms, they do not use the touchpad often enough to gather information if it occurs with that. Though I suspect it does not.
Mice are from various manufacturers: Microsoft (x2), Logitech and Genius

What I have tried so far:

1. Upgraded firmware on SSD *I did not reckon it was the SSD but I wanted to ensure that this was up to date.
2. All drivers and bios items updated if available via Fujitsu's handy software app
3. Bluetooth disable *had read this can have an effect
4. Power Management settings : Set to high performance and USB Settings > USB Selective Suspend > Disabled
5. No events in any event log coincide with the mouse stopping.

None of these items has made a difference and I'm hoping someone has come across this before and can maybe shed some light on it as it's got me stumped. I suspect it is USB related but not directly linked to the mouse as they are from varying manufacturers. It strikes me as some polling issue on the USB bus, but I don't know how to monitor or find out what's causing it.



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