NH751 Display & Mouse trail problems

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NH751 Display & Mouse trail problems

Postby Gypo » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:04


I use a CAD program called Microstation V8i for design work. I have used the program for years on many other machines without too many problems and those that have had problems had a quick and easy fix.

However the NH751 has a problem with the display when I use this program.
When I zoom in or out only a part of the screen updates as I zoom. If I then move the mouse around the screen the area under the mouse pointer updates (the area that updates seems to be in square blocks).

While I move the mouse around it leaves a trail of mouse pointers on the screen where the mouse has been.

I have tried all sorts of things from changing every setting I could to do with the mouse and the video, I have been in contact with the makers of the CAD program and having tried everything they suggested nothing changes, they cannot reproduce the problem.

I have updated the video drivers, I have tried using an external monitor and that has the same problems, I have tried several different mice.

My NH751 has;
8gb Memory
500gb Hard disk
32gb Solid state disk
The latest video drivers
The latest mouse drivers
It is running Windows 7 Home Premium

Can anyone help?
I only have a problem with this program!
Know of a setting I need to change?
This is driving me mad as it makes the program unusable and as I bought the NH751 specifically for CAD use it looks like I bought a DUD.

Thanks for any help or suggestions
Mouse trails
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NH751 Display & Mouse trail problems SORTED!

Postby Gypo » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:48

Hi all

As so many people have looked at this I thought I should let you know what sorted the problem out for me.

Having exhausted the solutions suggested by the program makers and got no support whatsoever from Fujitsu I almost gave up.
But after a long hard battle with finances and conscience I decided to upgrade my Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate. Mainly for other reasons than this problem as it did stuff I needed for other little used programs.

After doing the anytime upgrade and having took updates the graphics problem had gone away. I can't say exactly what sorted it out as I didn't try the program again until a good while after upgrading. Having Ultimate on and whatever updates it took I don't have the problem anymore.

I have to stress if anyone is thinking of buying the NH751 forget it, a big, heavy and powerful laptop that doesn't do anything better than a lesser, cheaper and more portable laptop. It's just not worth the extra money for the almost none existent gains over an I5 laptop. Plus if you think Fujitsu will help when things get difficult,,,, think again!

Fujitsu just got it so wrong with this one and we are paying for it!
Annoyed at wasting so much money

Gypo :x

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