SX60 - SNMP information missing

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SX60 - SNMP information missing

Postby nbgh » Wed Apr 29, 2009 16:17

We have a SX60 and want to get snmp information. In all data sheets SX60 is promoted as snmp able.
I used GetIf to check all available snmp infos. But I only get a lot of If- and TCP/IP-OIDs and OIDs starting with: which have string information like "CPU Temperature" and "Overall Unit Status" and integer information like "7", "9", "3" ...
But I found no MIB file for - so I have no reference what the values mean.
Has somebody any experiences with SX60 and snmp?

I am also a little bit confused that there are now snmp from OID-enterprise tree (
best regards

Schnietz Kathrin

Re: SX60 - SNMP information missing

Postby Schnietz Kathrin » Thu May 14, 2009 9:15


FibreCAT SX60 to SX100 support SNMP by
- responding to MIB II queries (with OIDs like…)
- responding to the Fibre Alliance MIB Version 2.2 (with OIDs…., please see
For monitoring FibreCAT SX I would suggest to look at sensor #33, which is no real sensor but contains the overall unit status.
- sending SNMP traps: Please let us know your e-mail address for sending you the document as we can´t upload documents to this forum.

More details can be found in the FibreCAT SX Family Administrator’s guide which is available for download at, Chapter 8 “Configuring SNMP”.

Kind regards,
Your Storage team

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