sx 88 -creation of raid

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sx 88 -creation of raid

Postby fkolliyath » Thu Apr 09, 2009 16:37

i have 6 450 sas 15k disk, which i am going to create two raids one is raid 1(with two disk) and a raid 5 with 4 disk. Each raid will have single volume. This will be connecting to two of my primergy rx 300 server for storage. Can i give same lun number to each volume. Or should i give different lun number? could any one explain on this subject

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Re: sx 88 -creation of raid

Postby FSC830 » Thu Apr 09, 2009 22:40

a virtual disk inside a sx88 has always a unique lun number.
From host side each lun may use the same numbering, i.e. sx88 names the lun with raid 1 lun 0 and the lun with raid 5 lun 1.
This is the storage system lun numbering. Each of your hosts is connected to one of these luns. For each host the (host) lun number is 0, this is host lun numbering.
Another example: you have a storage array with 6 lun (lun 0 ... lun 5). You also have 6 hosts. Each host is connected to one of the luns. Usually each host reports its lun as lun 0!

Read the documents prior configuring something you dont want.


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