Configuring a SX-80 for work with MS Cluster

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Configuring a SX-80 for work with MS Cluster

Postby xmedina71 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:40

Hello to all,

I have experience configuring the cluster service of Microsoft with old model of FSC, SX-30. But with the SX-80 i have the problem than proving moving the resourses group to second node, the resource QUORUM "HANG" all the system.

I have reed all the white paper but there are anything that i don't see.

My configuration is:
TWO RX-300-S4 with 2 Emulex Lpe1150 every one.
One SX-80 with 2 controller HIM-1 directed Attached (DAS) FChannel.

Configuration: Windows 2003 enterprise R2 spk2
with update kb932755
FSC SES driver
FSC Mpio
CAPI proxy

In SX-80 : Bios is J200P08, Memory: F300R21, Load: 15.010, RAID A and B: W420R20.....
In Interconnect modus, Loop, FC Speed: 2Gb,
The parameter in Emulex HBAnywhere are defined:
Topology:0, FDMI=1, Spped=2Gb, Timeout=60, QueueDeep=32.

Is defined only a LUN with id 0, and pressented only to the 4 HBA controoler and disable the rest.

If start only the node 2, the cluster don't run....
If start the node1 all is ok, and the node2 see all the resourses.

The emulex

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