FibreCat SX80 iSCSI HDD vendor

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FibreCat SX80 iSCSI HDD vendor

Postby tvk » Tue Jan 20, 2009 21:43

I need to know, is it possible to install non FS branded hard drives? For example Seagate's Nearline ES2 HDD?

P.S. I search through all available manuals and do not find restrictions for HDD manufacturer or HDD firmware version.

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Re: FibreCat SX80 iSCSI HDD vendor

Postby elsie » Thu Jan 22, 2009 0:23

Is is possible to use disks other than those FSC recommend. BUT they won't be supported. If you have any problems using non-approved components, then FSC are unlikely to offer much help. You would need to prove that the problems would also occur with FSC approved disks.

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