FibreCAT SX80

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FibreCAT SX80

Postby richie19rich77 » Fri Jan 16, 2009 17:31

Hi All,

very qick question, is it possible to have different size drives within the SX80? I think it would. And would it be possible to mix SATA and SAS?

Also is there any better tools for pulling stats from the SX80?


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Re: FibreCAT SX80

Postby elsie » Mon Jan 19, 2009 16:53

I believe you can have different sized disks, and SAS & SATA disks in the unit. However, I don't think you can have SAS & SAS in the same virtual disk. It is probably a waste of space to have different sized disks in the same virtual disk.

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Re: FibreCAT SX80

Postby FSC830 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 14:53

yes, as post before: you can mix the disks inside the unit, even in one shelf (may this not work in early SX80 models). But dont mix the disks in one virtual disk (I guess this isn´t possible). It is strongly recommended NEVER mix different disktypes in one logical drive!
For example: set up two different virtual disks (one with SATA the other with SAS) and combine them using an os-related diskmanager to one logical drive.
-> This is not a good idea <- !!!


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