FibreCat SX80 replication

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FibreCat SX80 replication

Postby roli » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:26


I am new at this forum and also new at Fujisu-Siemens Hardware.
We got the following challenge form our boss: Please built up a disaster recovery solution for a small branch office (10 people).
What we have decided is to use VMWare ESXi 3.5 to virtualizes all 6 windows servers.
Our Idea is to have 2 RX300 S4 and a FibreCat SX80 iSCSI at the production side and a second FibreCAT SX80 iSCSI on our backup side.
In case of a disaster we will get new Server Hardware with ESXi 3.5 deliver to the backup site.

My question is now, how can we replication the production to the backup FibreCAT SX80 iSCSI?
We have a 100MBit leased line between both buildings!

Thanks for your comments

Raab Lydia

Re: FibreCat SX80 replication

Postby Raab Lydia » Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:37

The FibreCAT SX series does not yet have a replication feature between two storage systems.
Thus a host based mirroring would be the only possibility to concurrently mirror data between the two sides.
But the VMware ESX Server does not support host based mirroring (neither ESX nor ESXi).

So we are sorry to say that you cannot use two FibreCAT SX80 in this configuration.

We may suggest two FibreCAT CX3-10c or FibreCAT CX4-120, which are able to replicate with e.g. MirrorView
over iSCSI, but concerning your weak 100MBit connection this replication does not make sense.

Would you please contact your local Fujitsu Siemens Computers contact to discuss a solution: ... cat_cx.pdf

Kind regards,
Your Fujitsu Siemens Computers Storage Team

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