Using Serverless backups with Fibrecat TX48

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Using Serverless backups with Fibrecat TX48

Postby svoller » Wed Aug 27, 2008 20:52

We are trying to implement a Serverless backup solution using the following:
Fibrecat TX48 S2 (48 Slot enabled, 2 * LTO4 drives)
SX60 with Expansion Chassis
Brocade 200 Switch

We have our server connected using Emula Lp11002 dual port HBA to the switch (both ports connected) , The Fibrecat TX48 is also connected with both ports as is the SX60.

We want to implement Serverless backups and have CA Brighstor 12 with the Serverless Backup Agent loaded. The idea is that the server initiates the copy command and then the data backup goes straight from disk to tape instead of through the server.

Has anyone done this or know how to do it ?

I have seen Brocade mention the use of data movers/san appliances and CA mention something similar but there is next to no info on this.

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Re: Using Serverless backups with Fibrecat TX48

Postby Maxxx » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:01

There is no actual device on the marked which supports the ARCserve Serverless Backup Agent. The better workaround to work similar is the following solution: Use a special Backup Server seperated from the Application Server and make the backup with Snapshots from the Storage Hardware. From the Applicationserver this seems to be a "severless backup".

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