RX300 S2 Second disk not showing in Windows 2003 disk manage


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RX300 S2 Second disk not showing in Windows 2003 disk manage

Postby daedalus2005 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 18:01

Have installed Windows 2003 server on the above server with 2 HDD installed. However, in disk manager it does not show the second disk. In the server start setup it has configured the 2 HDD's have been setup as a RAID 1 configuration. And when the server is running both HDD's are accesssed. Looking at varios forums about this they suggest I break the mirror then the opearting system will see the second disk. Then I can set up a S/W raid. If this is correct what is the best way of breaking the mirror without reinstalling from scratch?

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Re: RX300 S2 Second disk not showing in Windows 2003 disk ma

Postby me@work » Fri Jul 23, 2010 13:09

Well, you chose to ignore my advice to post English language questions to the English language forum, so I'd better choose to ignore your next question, again in the German forum...

But anyway:
Why would you want to setup a S/W RAID if you already run your system on a H/W RAID?
All depends on the controller you're actually using. Without changing too much, you could try and remove one of the disks from the chassis, start your engine and OS, open the controller's configuration utility, insert the disk to a different slot, and do the necessary steps to make the newly recognized disk available to the OS.

This way, you'll keep your redundant configuration of the first disk (though critical for the time being, but if you happen to find a third disk somewhere, just plug it into the old slot and a rebuild will probably take place), and the same driver inside the OS. It's still stupid, though, now to install a S/W RAID...

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