PRIMERGY TX150 S7 non installa windows 2008


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PRIMERGY TX150 S7 non installa windows 2008

Postby sokrate » Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:04

Non riesco ad installare il sistema operativo windows 2008R2 standard.
Utilizzando il sistema Server View nella fase finale da il seguente errore:[wimgap]i cannot create image, last error:the data is invalid
[xml] getting image index failed error message:xml cannot load xml file V:\setcfg\ImageInfo.xmk
process sitem cannot create process “E:\sources\setup.exe
/unattend:V:\sestcfg\autounattend.xml”, last Error: wimgapi cannot create image
Dopo procedento con installazione di win2008 chiede i driver del cd rom.
Ho provato ad installare i driver raid, ma non funziona il sistema non và avanti.
Sono bloccato con l'installazione.

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Re: PRIMERGY TX150 S7 non installa windows 2008

Postby me@work » Mon Jun 21, 2010 13:56

Sorry, but I don't speak (or write) Italian...

You might get better results if you asked your question in the English section of the forum (or if you rephrase your query in English, German, French or Hungarian in the appropriate part of the forum).

From what I think I understood in your posting, I'd like to ask the following:
When exactly do you get the error message?
Has the Microsoft product DVD been inserted already, or is the ServerStart DVD still in the drive? Because the message seems to indicate that an appropriate installation image cannot be found...
Are you using a localized version of the product DVD?

You also might want to try to install without the ServerStart DVD. Possibly required drivers can be obtained from

Another option, if your Primergy server is still under warranty, would be to ask Fujitsu Technical Support, perhaps for an update version of the DVD.

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