Login to PRIMEPOWER ServerView Suite fails


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Login to PRIMEPOWER ServerView Suite fails

Postby CrazySammy » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:35

Hi there,

I am despairing due to this problem:
We have 2 Solaris 5.10 Servers in our Fujitsu ServerView environment. Both servers are PrimePower S machines.
I try to open the PRIMEPOWER ServerView Suite by clicking on one of the Solaris servers in the ServerList of the ServerView Operations Manager. Another browser window opens showing the PRIMEPOWER ServerView Suite. Then I have to authorise by a login (user name and password) to the Solaris machine. I chose the root user. After typing in the password for the root account, I got an error message "The entered user name is not valid or the password is incorrect!" (in German language: "Der eingegebene Benutzer ist ungültig oder das Passwort ist nicht korrekt!"). But I am sure that the password is correct. Other persons of our team tried it as well.
The strange thing is that the login works for the other Solaris machine. After typing the password, I can enter the PRIMEPOWER ServerView Suite with all of its features.
I've already checked the root user and groups of both boxes - there are no differences.
Who can give me some advice?
Thank you in advance.

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