BX600 S2 blade switches spanning tree


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BX600 S2 blade switches spanning tree

Postby mmuetst » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:42

I have a problem with two blade switches type PG-SW103. I want to make a failover solution with two HP procurve switches. I connect blade switch 1 to HP switch 1 and I connect blade switch 2 to HP switch 2. HP switch 1 is connected to HP switch 2 with a trunk. When I start a ping between the HP switches there is no response.
When I disconnect one of the blade switches the ping between the HP switches works fine. I cannot see a loop in the connetion. STP is enabled on all switches.
Why does the blade switches make the HP switches go into spanning tree mode on the trunk?
VMware ESX is running on the blade servers. I checked the website of VMware about spanning tree problems with virtual switches. There is no way the virtual switches causing a spanning tree problem. There is no connection between blade switch 1 and blade switch 2.

Greetings M.Muetstege

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