Correct Power Supply?

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Correct Power Supply?

Postby Cyberman » Wed Nov 24, 2010 13:30

I was given this Mini UI3520 to fix ,was told that they had problems with the old charger and had baught a replacement but are still having problems.

Now I have just had a look online at the data sheet:
Mains adapter
Technicaldata Electrical data
Main 40 W
Rated voltage 100 V – 240 V (automatic)
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz (automatic)
Rated voltage 20 V
Max. rated current 2.0 A

And this is the charger they have given me with the Mini UI3520:
FSP Group Inc.
AC/DC Adapter.
Model no. FSP065-ASC
P/N.: 40022941
AC INPUT 100-240V ~, 2A,50-60hZ
DC OUTPUT 19V - 3.42A

Could there be a problem using this charger? there seems a problem somewhere as the machine wont power up, have checked the soldier joints around the power jack socket but these are ok


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