OS Reboot - Back up disks currupted

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OS Reboot - Back up disks currupted

Postby Blewitt1126 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:13


This might be a long shot but.....

After a day of getting various "blue screens of death" and fitting a new CMOS battery (system time and date kept resetting to 1/1/2008) and trying to sort out the remaining issues I eventually gave up and desided to restore my Amilo Pi 3630 (running vista home premium) using one of the saved Restore Points. I was shocked to find that there were no Restore Points available at all. So after saving my documents etc to an external hard drive I decided to use the back up disks made when the PC was brand new and reset the PC to its Day One position. Having gone through the reboot (f12) menu I inserted each of the 3 back up disks in turn as requested on the screen. Unfortunately as the 3rd disk was coming to the end of its process an error message cam up stating something like "Windows exe file is mising or corrupted". The PC is now asking me to insert the windows vista operating disk. I do not have this disk obviously as the PC came with the windows vista OS built in.

So the question is - where do I go from here?

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