Amilo Li 1818 Enabling Wireless freezes keyboard

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Amilo Li 1818 Enabling Wireless freezes keyboard

Postby jpg132 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 0:51

I am trying to connect an Amilo Li 1818 to my Wireless router. It works perfectly well when hard-wired to the same router.

My problem is that when I slide the switch on the front to enable the wireless mode, the keyboard seems to become disabled (or locked?) and it will not allow any further activity whatsoever.

Consequently, I have to force the laptop to switch off by using the power button, as nothing else works! After rebooting, so long as the wireless switch has been reset to the former 'off' position, it'll work fine again. Move it back to the enabled position, and hey presto, the keyboard locks up again.

Why does this happen? Any ideas?

Thanks for any help or advice

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