[Pi 3630] BIOS update

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[Pi 3630] BIOS update

Postby MikuzaFIN » Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:27

Hello, I own AMILO Desktop Pi 3630, and I have been experiencing lately a lot of BSODs (0x00000A5). I've searched the internet and it's about me having old BIOS. I have downloaded the latest BIOS for this computer from Fujitsu's website and it's 3.0S. My computer still claims that the BIOS is old. Any suggestions?

It is taking me already 1 hour to get this computer to work, everyday when I try to start my computer it freezes, and this keeps on going for ages. Then when I can finally get to choose either fix the system or start normally, keyboard stops working and I cannot choose anything. When the timer runs out, it always picks system fix, and it always freezes or gives BSOD that I mentioned earlier after loading the files. Do you wise people even know if there is a new BIOS for this system?

PS. I'm sorry if you find this insulting or annoying, but it really gets on my nerves that I have fight an hour to get this computer to work.

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Re: [Pi 3630] BIOS update

Postby sabrex » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:35

3.0S is the released bios version for this unit I would suggest that you should maybe run DIFS on your machine to determine if theres a deeper fault - what is this "When the timer runs out" ? Sounds like a virus and your computer never turns round to you and tells you your bios is old ? Difs can be downloaded from here: http://tinyurl.com/FJdiags
Its an ISO image and needs to be burned to a blank CD (not cdrw) using an appropriate iso burner (search google) or use Nero burner

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