Amilo Li 1718 hard drive problem

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Amilo Li 1718 hard drive problem

Postby orobourous » Sun May 16, 2010 20:30

Ok then, so my finacee packed up her laptop to take it up to her parent's house and when she gets there she turns it on for it to say
"OS not found."

In no way am I a computer expert but I know a fair amount to tinker in repairs so I had a look at it. I used the supplied recovery disk to try and repair the error like I had done a previous time but it wouldn't allow me, stating that there was infact no hard disk located within the laptop to install anything onto and I should use the driver disk that came with the laptop. The only problem being that neither myself or my finacee can find this disk so are there any alternative options? Can I get a replacement disk from fujitsu? I tried the UK customer services several times and couldn't get through and even tried to find the hard drive drivers to create a kind of startup disk.

So long story short, is the laptop dead or can we, or fujtsu, do something about it? The laptop is no longer under warranty too.



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