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Adding Graphics Card

Postby Rolandm » Tue May 11, 2010 10:26

I have an Amilo Desktop, PA3415: AMD780G, 3GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD3200.
I want to connect the PC to my TV to show home videos, pictures etc. As well as connecting with a normal screen so i can edit. Hence i bought another graphics card Nvidia 220.
When i add the card, an error comes up about "interleaving requested not enabled, VRAM". After some research it looked as though this had to do with the memory banks so i tried to find some setting in the BIOS to enable it, but couldn't. Eventually i removed 1GB of memory and it got through the boot up process. Eventually i installed the Nvidia card software and through Device Manager i could see that it could see the card.
Though it didn't work. Further research says i must disable the onboard graphics card. Which i did. Still does not work.
Also looked around in the BIOS, but where it looks like i might enable another graphics card the ability to change settings is disabled.

So the questions?
1. Will nvidia graphics card work with Amilo?
2. What must i do to get it to work?
3. Do i need to change something in BIOS, and if so what, and how do i change something that is disabled for change?
4. Will both cards work in parallel?
5. How do i enabled interleaving so that all the RAM still works?


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