Recovery DVD doesn't boot (I need a new one)


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Recovery DVD doesn't boot (I need a new one)

Postby mleskinen_temp » Tue Dec 25, 2012 13:34


I'm administering an old Scaleo P desktop which was purchased in 2005. The machine has become slow with all the XP Home software bundling up and traces of old spyware and software conflicts jamming the computer. I've ran some diagnostic tools and the hardware runs at almost 97% force, so the power is still there in the machine. But XP Home runs on 100% CPU all the time, and it cannot be fixed.

I now need to reformat the whole machine. The only problem is, the recovery DVD which came with the machine is faulty. The MS Works 8 software that comes with the DVD is accessible, but the bootable recovery console is broken. The DVD is out-of-the-box so it's not scratched or anything.

The bottom line is: How can we get a new recovery DVD in 2012/2013? Is there a DVD image, or does someone ship new DVDs?

Here are the details on the Recovery disk:

Fujitsu Siemens Product Recovery DVD / Microsoft Works 8.0 Multilanguage
ENG, FIN (with other languages)
copyrighted 2004

I'd appreciate all the help. Even every small hint is welcome before I start playing detective myself.

EDIT: The machine is Scaleo P GA-85649MF

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Re: Recovery DVD doesn't boot (I need a new one)

Postby sabrex » Fri Dec 28, 2012 18:12

If you have the XP recovery disk :
Tap F12 on boot for boot menu
Choose cdrom drive as boot device by using the arrow keys. Press return.
When the message appears "press any key to boot from cd" press any key.

If you do not have the XP recovery disk:
Xp is no longer available and you will have to consider alternative operating systems that are available wrote: "On October 22 2010, Microsoft pulled the plug on sales of Windows XP"

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