SCALEO Pi 2662 and microSDHC


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SCALEO Pi 2662 and microSDHC

Postby Miroku_87 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:31

Hi everyone!

I'm well aware that the Card Reader of my SCALEO P does not support SDHC devices but I'm trying to plug my Sandisk 8GB microSDHC in a USB adaptor and when I do it Win 7 always asks me to format it.
If I do the same very procedure on other PCs or Laptops or even MacBooks I have NO problem in browsing my card.

Is there any driver I'm missing? Should the USB adaptor (which has just the MicroSD plug) have its own driver?
I am concerned because I've never had this kind of problem with any other microSDHC and the same USB adaptor before.

I'm thankful to everyone who will try to help =)

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Re: SCALEO Pi 2662 and microSDHC

Postby me@work » Sat Sep 29, 2012 17:54

You mean when you use the same USB adapter with a different card, it's recognized correctly in your system, and it's only one single card that creates the issue?

Then you might want to examine closely the arrangement of data on the medium. There are different ways to initialize and format the data blocks, which could lead to a misinterpretation by the OS.

Did you already try to save the data on a system that can actually read the card, and then let your Pi2662's Win7 intialize the card? Did it work? If not (as I would expect), what errors occurred?

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