Dvi to HDMI no audio


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Dvi to HDMI no audio

Postby johny media » Thu Feb 11, 2010 17:20

Fitted a new graphics card sparkle 8400gs after much research. Fantastic picture but no audio (yes I have connected the phono outs to the 3.5mm jack in on my lg lcd tv, and it is hooked up via hdmi/dvi1) The audio is always being sent from the scaleo phonos as I can plug it into my stereo and hear whats going on - alternatively unplugging the hdmi lead from the tv allows the audio through the tv. Looking on the net it seems that even though this tv and many others like it have made provision for connecting in this way, in practice they get confused and think there is hdmi audio present. I found a patch to fix this on nvidia website but it is for vista only - I'm running xp. Also found a long and complicated series of instructions about adding some values to an HKR line in one of the nvidia folders, but that seems to be for vista too (at least, I could not quite find the same file and when I did find what I think was the right thing it didn't have any effect. So, should I just buy another nvidia card - this time with hdmi out? I avoided the hdmi ones incase they are more recent and intended for pci-e2, as I see some on here have had trouble.
Any patches or tips welcome!

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