Maximum cpu scaleo e


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Maximum cpu scaleo e

Postby hansgossling » Mon Nov 30, 2009 19:14

I know it has been posted a few times, but i can't really find the right answer. I would like to know which is the max. cpu ( 775 ) on the original mainboard. Can i use a core duo or just the p4 3.4 ht ??

Many thanks

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Re: Maximum cpu scaleo e

Postby s_mario » Tue Dec 01, 2009 17:55

P4 670 HT is working here in combination with a Zerotherm CF900 Cooler. Core2Duo is not possible.

johny media
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Re: Maximum cpu scaleo e

Postby johny media » Wed Mar 17, 2010 21:08

I have looked into this extensively, and it would seem the maximum recommended procesor is P4 3.6ghz, but you may be able to go to 3.8ghz as long as your psu is not over stretched (so would depend on pci cards fitted etc). I currently have a 3ghz which shows as two processors in the system thing - I think these later P4s are a kind of dual core but not true core duo. The best is a Cedar Mill, (which has a 1 after it ie 671 is a 3.8ghz cedar mill whereas 670 is a 3.8ghz Prescott. followed by a Prescott. Try to get 2mb cache
Here is a cut and paste of the notes I made when researching, it is worth noting that cost goes up dramatically with slight increases in speed.!

Processor : Socket 775 P4, (640 being the biggest they built in, according to fujitsu) Some say 670 2mb cache at 3.8ghz)
· Celeron D 331 256 KB L2 2.66 GHz
· Pentium 531 1 MB L2 3 GHz
· Pentium 541 1 MB L2 3.2 GHz
· Pentium 560 1 Mb L2 3.6Ghz
· Pentium 630 2 MB L2 3.0 GHz
· Pentium 650 2 MB L2 3.4 GHz
· Pentium 660 2 MB L2 3.6 GHz
· Pentium 670 2 MB L2 3.8 GHz
Williamette 180nm
Northwood 130nm up to 3.06ghz some HT (up to 3.4ghz) some not
Prescot 1M = 90nm, introduced 1st Feb 2004 (3-3.8ghz) some Ht some not, some
Prescot 2M = 90nm
Cedar Mill = 65nm, introduced Jan 5th 2006 (3-3.6ghz) Has a 1 at end of number, ie…
631, 641, 651, 661 are P4 65nm processors
630, 640, 650, 660 are P4 are 90nm equivalents

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