Internal SPDIF connector


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Internal SPDIF connector

Postby fazzieng » Mon Jun 01, 2009 16:14

Is there internal SPDIF connector for digital audio for my GeForce video card..
I got SPDIF cable supplied allong with the video card to support audio through HDMI socket,
but first it has to be connected to the wright place on Scaleo E motherboard..
Any ideas..?

johny media
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Re: Internal SPDIF connector

Postby johny media » Wed Mar 17, 2010 22:57

There is a spdif audio lead that comes from a plug on far left hand side of the motherboard as you look at it - it is right on the edge past two other slightly bigger plugs. This lead goes under the riser and graphics card to get to the rear panel where it terminates as a three pin plug with a red arrow with three wires (red=5v, white=signal, black=ground) and it feeds the spdif phono socket on the back panel of the scaleo. You could perhaps unplug that from the back panel and try it on your card (it will prolly reach) - I have just tried this on an 8400gs but sadly it did not work (I only had two pins on my 8400gs so left out the red 5v wire obviously). I think the connector on your card is labelled J6?
Good luck

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