Scaleo E Barebones help with Audio and capture


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Scaleo E Barebones help with Audio and capture

Postby Bodestone » Thu Mar 05, 2009 16:04

I have the Scaleo E barebones PC from Maplin. and I have had a few issues with it and was hoping some questions could be answered here since the information with the system is sparse to say the least and Maplin have pretty much no information about it.

Firstly I have not yet got the SPDIFF to work and there is not even a glow from the optical cable. I have the R15 drivers installed and analogue out works fine but nothing when switching to digital mode. Does it only glow when the signal is being sent meaning I need to figure out driver and setup issues or does this mean I have to either take it back or start pulling boards so I can check the connections (my god it's packed tight in there).

Secondly I wondered what the make and model of the capture card was so I can download vendor own drivers.
I have been trying to set it up with a trial version of beyond TV to receive RCA input with no tuner (I can do that with the external unit's own remote) but cannot get a signal and it seems to insist it won't work without.

Thirdly I was looking for the make and model of the front panel display and/or an equivalent selection to use with FrontView if it is possible.

Thanks in advance for any help or information on these issues.

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Re: Scaleo E Barebones help with Audio and capture

Postby IXL » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:53

Can you tell me where you got your SPDIFF drivers from and I will take a look for you. I have the same kit.

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Re: Scaleo E Barebones help with Audio and capture

Postby en4rab » Fri Mar 13, 2009 13:51

I think, but im not 100% sure the dvb-t card that came with the maplin barebones setup is a K-world DVB-T 210SE

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