[Scaleo P] CD-DVD locked in open position


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[Scaleo P] CD-DVD locked in open position

Postby zetud » Mon May 21, 2007 20:21


I bought 2 SCALEO PI 1515-B63010 with DVD RW-AD 7170A.

15 days ago, the CD-DVD reader locked in open position on the 1st PC.
Yesterday, same problem on the 2nd !

Nothing unusual was done. The users of the 2 PCs are different.
It stays open and locked :
- even if I press the button on the reader
- even if I shut down
- even if I try "Eject" on D: in Windows explorer
- even if I try to push (light !) the reader
- even if I insert a needle in the (very) little hole (tip found on another forum)

When I ask for Properties of D:, everything is said OK. "Repare" doesn't change anything.

When I boot, it appears it's not completly locked : it moves 2 cm but remains open

Same problem on 2 PCs used by different people !


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Postby olshevch » Tue May 22, 2007 14:19

Take your PC to service center if you have a warranty. Or buy a new DVD-ROM if you don't.

If you do not have a warranty and you have much time, you could also try opening the DVD-ROM and look inside for some pieces of plastic, which prevent it from closing. If there are not any mechanical faults, then it's faulty control board and you cannot do anything with it, just throw it out.

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Postby Dave O » Thu May 24, 2007 21:14

A long time ago, and I meen along time ago. I got a virus that made the CD ROM drive open and close. Then it would lock close and nothing could fix it, Even a system reinstall. This might explain why two machines are afected.

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