[Scaleo P] graphics Prob??


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[Scaleo P] graphics Prob??

Postby Stubby » Mon Feb 12, 2007 17:47

Hi, My scaleo P (14 months old -P4 - Ati x600) decided to play up today. I switched on, came back into the room a minute later and noticed that the windows logon display was a wierd colour. It had a red/purple hue to it. I logged on to my account and the display was all wrong. The colours were wrong, the display really looked like my first pc which used 256 colours and was blocky.

I switched off and checked the graphics cable was firmly in the connector, which it was and started it up again. This time whilst i watched it start up, i noticed between the XP boot screen and the logon screen, the monitor went blank for a efw seconds and a black screen with a no signal being received blue box on it for a second before going onto the logon screen. Again it was still running with the same red hue. Logging into my account showed the desktop to be the same, blocky with a display that seemed to show fewer colours. Even the task bar has 2 distinct colours to it instead of XP MCE's standard graduated blue theme.

But it is only in desktop or windows applications like office, internet explorer etc that this happens. For example if i run a game, the graphics for the game are perfect. I checked both the display properties and ATI catalyst and none of the settings had altered.

Whilst in the catalyst control panel I decided to restore all settings to default, which actually cured the problem, the desktop was fine again or so i thought. I decided to restart the pc and again the no video input came up momentarily before the logon screen, but the logon screen went back to its red hue again and the desktop was as before. I tried reseting all the ati settings to default but this time nothing happened. The only thing left that i can think of to try is to install the latest ATI drivers though these are only about 2 months old and have been fine up until today, and no programs have been installed on it for a while now.

Is there anything i could be missing that i could try. If updating the drivers dont help, then all i can think of id that perhaps the ati card is going bad in some small way.

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Postby olshevch » Tue Feb 13, 2007 8:49

Try antivirus check :) If you have some "blue box" on windows startup, I would say that you have a rootkit or trojan.
In other matters try to start in safe mode and set desired graphic mode there. Then restart to normal mode.
Also there is an option like "VGA palette snoop" in BIOS configuration. Try to play with it.

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Postby Stubby » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:42

Thanks for the info. I decided to start in safe mode, so skipping ati driver and the colour was back to normal, so i decided to start up as normal, got to ati site and d/load the latest driver, restart in safe mode and uninstall the previous ati driver, restart in normal mode and install the new one, and so far there have been no probs. Guess somehow the ati driver got corrupted, but i will run a virus scan/spyware scan later today.


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