Windows Vista Upgrade


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Windows Vista Upgrade

Postby olshevch » Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:09

Hi All!

I have Scaleo P computer and got known about Vista Upgrade Program from F-S. My computer is suitable for Vista (I upgraded video card) and I am sure that it will run. But since there a lot of complains about the new operating system, I have some questions about possibility of roll-back...

1) I know that I have to order something through the Upgrade Program. What will I receive? Upgrade DVD?

2) I know that I have to upgrade it before 31st of March 2007. Is this a date of final ordering possibility or this is a fina; date of activation possibility of upgraded OS? I.e if I order the upgrade now, could I start using it after 31st of March?

3) If I don't like Vista performance or compatibility, could I reinstall Windows MCE (my current OEM OS) from a support CD and activate it? Will it work?

4) If I want to try Vista again after returning to MCE, will it be possible with the same upgrade kit?

5) Summarizing two last questions: How many re-installation cycles is possible, using the Vista upgrade kit? Will be possible to choose, which one of two OS's I use (install), if only one at the time (and on the same computer, of course)?

I will appressiate your answers!

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Postby belto » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:25

Hello, I just completed my Express Upgrade to Vista. In order to take advanatage of this you must purchase a laptop/PC between certain dates and it must be OEM. I beleive the Upgrade DVD will be a Recovery Disk/s. I also feel that it well very similar to the one that you purcahsed.

My COA has been valdated, standard shipping buy no shipping date as of yet. It may take up to 4-8 weeks to complete.

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