[Scaleo P] sometimes fails to turn on


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[Scaleo P] sometimes fails to turn on

Postby draconid » Thu Jan 25, 2007 17:44

Every so often my Scaleo P fails to turn on. The blue lights at the bottom turn on but the light around the power button doesn't turn on and it doesn't POST or anything. Normally I just turn off the switch at the back, turn it back on, and then the power button works fine. Today I tried a few times, and got an orange light around the power button, but it didn't turn on. Then the last time it turned on but it must have been close to a minute after I pressed the power button before it actually started powering on (I was in the process of hunting for warranty details when it suddenly started working).

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any idea what causes it?

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Postby Mike_26 » Thu Jan 25, 2007 23:31

This may be unrelated but on the first day I had my Scaleo P, it switched itself on, and the blue ring of light around the power button didn't come on, the lights at the bottom did, but it didn't do anything. The one we have now has been fine for a year.

I don't know for sure what caused my scaleo P to die but I suspect it was the power supply or the hard drive. That may be totally wrong, I didn't open the case up as it was the first day(!), but if you can get onto your computer then you can diagnose the problem (try Everest Home Edition to look at your hard drive SMART, and SiSoftware Sandra Lite for a full diagnosis).

Also check your system event log (administrative tools, control panel), and see if there are any errors there.

Hope that helps

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Postby Shadout » Fri Jan 26, 2007 13:54

I got a problem that is a bit like the descriped problem.
It is however a Scaelo T I have.
When I turn the power on, the computer makes a lot of noise, the power button is orange, but nothing appears on the screen.
Power off and on doesnt help either.
Best way to get it to work is by removing all cables, then only connect power cable and monitor cable, and i will usually manage to boot.

This only happens sometimes, like 1-2 times per week, and sometimes even less.

Ive been looking for errors, tried to change PSU, but nothing helped so far.

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Postby olshevch » Fri Jan 26, 2007 14:17

It's not FS-specific, but I observed that some PCs fail to start if they have USB devices plugged in. I had the problem at least with Acer Laptop and F-S PC. If I leave a USB stick (not every stick, but some) plugged while I start/reboot the computer, then it shows only black screen.
I don't know, what is happening to POST, but guessing that PC tries to recognize the stick as an external drive, using BIOS features, and fails.
Probably, it is not an issue here, but unplugging all USB periferial is a sufficient hint.

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Postby Shadout » Fri Jan 26, 2007 15:43

Only devices ive plugged in through USB would be printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard. No external discs, flash or anything.
Sounds unlikely if non-storage USB devices should screw up the boot. Especially since it doesnt happen every time.

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Postby aberg27 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 20:55

The same problem here with USB.
I must turn off the USB devices or disconnect them.
Only than i can startup the computer.
After i see the windows startup screen i connect the USB devices.

I have call the support but they told me that this problem is unknow.
Strange if i see on the forum than more people have the same problem.

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