SCALEO E Loud Power Supply


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SCALEO E Loud Power Supply

Postby bratland » Wed Nov 29, 2006 13:53

Hi Everyone!

Anyone sharing my problem with a very loud power supply? As I can see the power supply is the only component with a fan in the whole box. The fan is only 40mm in diameter. I can't understand how this tiny little fan should bee able to cool down the whole computer?

Anyone have any hints, mods or suggestions of any kind?


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Postby Demokritos » Tue Dec 05, 2006 16:43

Scaleo E is supposed to be relatively silent. Have you checked in BIOS (to get to BIOS: press F2 when prompted to do so at the bottom of the screen at the startup of the computer) whether there is a setting for "quiet or performance mode"? The performance mode is noisier than the quiet mode. If you use the quiet mode you'll lose a bit of the computer's performance, though.
Another way is to buy a new fan. Some fans are more quiet from the very start, and have a setting for an even more quiet mode (the latter at the cost of some cooling efficiency). Don't know which fans are available for you, however. You have to get all the type information of your current fan and then look for similar ones on the market.
Your warranty doesn't cover the installation of a third-party fan, though. Maybe it's just something wrong with your particular copy of the fan. In that case, just take contact with F-S to replace your fan with an original spare part.

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