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Scaleo - Recovery

Postby shawline » Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:55

My Scaleo desktop is now just over four years old and is running very slow. I am considering using my 'recovery disks' to return it to the factory settings. Would I have any major problems after carrying out the 'recovery'?

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Postby Demokritos » Thu Nov 16, 2006 23:35

Shouldn't be any problem. I've done that lots of times. It will freshen up the computer for sure. But it's a time-consuming process and you better save all the stuff you want to keep (like mail) to some external media before going ahead with it, since the process eradicates all data on the HD. That includes all critical drives like the software for a dial-up modem, if you're connected to the net through such a modem and the modem is not one that originally came with your computer. Cause, in that case the software might not exist on the Recovery CD or the "Drivers and Utilities CD" that came with the computer, and if you haven't saved the software for that modem before running the recovery CD in that situation, you might not be able to go out on the net and download the software needed for the modem to work properly. For every program you currently have on the computer you might have to go through the process of reinstalling it and then downloading the latest version of it, once you have run the recovery CD.
You might wanna try defragmenting the HD before doing the bigger operation of eradicating all data. The data tends to be spread out on HD with use and that makes it take longer for the computer to find all the files it needs for it to work, which means a slower computer. Defragmenting the HD properly is also a time-consuming process. You can have dinner while the computer is doing that. Once finished, you might find a recovery unnecessary.



Postby shawline » Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:51

Thank you very much indeed for that very comprehensive reply. The dial up modem came with the computer so I am hoping that the software will be included on the recovery disk. Before attempting it I will try the defrag.
Thanks again

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defrag is one thing and run this too

Postby Norway » Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:21

defrag is ok to run , but first you may try to get all the ad ware and eventually spy ware out of your machine. a register scan and clean is smart too. try this exellent freeware prog at

ADaware (removes ad ware)

Spybot search and destroy (removes Spyware)

these 2 programs removes plenty off stuff that slows your computer, that antivirus may not discover or take as a virus.

A registry clean program can also be found at but they often only repairs first "half" of the problems found and you have to buy program to get the rest.

Summary: 2 important programs to have is ADaware and Spybot search and destroy. These are freeware




Postby shawline » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:03

Thank you. Will try both these programmes.....

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