To Buy Or Not To Buy Scaleo-P


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To Buy Or Not To Buy Scaleo-P

Postby ifly2 » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:15

Hi Everybody,
Would like to put my opinion on scaleo-p, my son bought one from comet not much over a year ago, and already the graphics card is kaput, ATIX600 PCI EXPRESS, I have graphic cards in my possesion which are 8 years old and working well.
Also it appears to me that power supply is not large enough to run these cards.
To be fair i have not taken this up with either ATI or Fujitsu-Siemans but i am certainly going to as this has cost my son £125.00+ and as you know calling fujitsu is £1.50 per minute [ABSOLUTE RIP OFF] instead of spending 20 minutes talking and possibly getting nowhere a reasonable alterative is to spend £30.00 in the small claims court issueing a summons for damages AND COSTS. In a recent case involving a television which was two years old the judge said that it was reasonable to expect more than two years of trouble free service and found with costs to the owner. With regard to the x600 on the net this card is on offer with a two year guarentee so what will comet fujitsu say? watch this space will not hesitate to take legal action if i get no redress.
The moral of this story is think twice before you buy scaleo-p and any system builder worth his salt will give you 3 years warranty as many on the net now do. Quite right to.
Will update this when i have contacted companys involved.

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Postby Mike_26 » Fri Feb 03, 2006 19:32

Although I would be quite annoyed if my Scaleo P played up in any way, has it not occured to you that the ATI X600 may not be a Fujitsu-Siemens fault, but an ATI fault? And on my Scaleo P, there is a 350w Power supply, which should be enough to run the ATI X600.
What makes you say the graphics card is kaput? Are you sure it's the graphics card and not something else? (Sorry if you know lots about computers and know about this stuff). It could be the drivers or, maybe you've moved something inside and the RAM is put in wrongly.

I think it's just a bit wrong to say "Think twice before you buy a Scaleo P", when you've just had one bad experience, when I'm sure you gets loads of problems with any other PC manufacturer, or even a local PC builder.

Sorry if that is stuff you already knew or thought about.


Postby Duch » Tue Mar 28, 2006 17:45

I have a Scaleo P computer and its absolutly great! Such a good computer until i had a problem with my PC as i was slow on booting up but the store where i bought it from said i could be the HDD so they are sending out a new one. If thas the problem then it has been sorted out very quickly. Im very pleased overall with my Scaleo P for £800 at PCW. Slightly cheaper now but thats the way it goes. My graphics X600 is perfect and im experiening no problems and my power is perfect. So like the last guy mentioned, you proberly have more problems with another type of computer manufacturer.


Postby Sprite » Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:02


Lets be honest here folks, the scaleo P is a joke of a machine and Fujitsu Siemens are excellent comedians at telling this joke to their customers. I am currently taking legal action on the comedians whos advice centre even suggested that I "open up my 4 month old machine and use a vacuum cleaner to clear out dust build ups" I think most people will agree that if you pay around £800 pound for a pc that fails in 4 months then that type of advice is rather poor. LOG ALL DETAILS OF YOUR CONTACT AND IF YOU CAN RECORD CONVERSATIONS (let them know at the time that you are recording the conversation) THEN DO THAT TOO. Fujitsu Seimens are very poor at giving advice but excellent at denying other things. I have engineers reports to back up my claims.
Good luck in your battle with this absolutley pathetic company.
By the way so far I have had a new graphics card a new cpu a new fan unit and a new hard drive fitted as well as inspections at my home. However Fujitsu Seimens are still convinced that I am liable.
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Postby » Sat Apr 01, 2006 12:59

The only problem is.... OVERCLOCK HOW??!!


Postby PCranger » Sat Apr 01, 2006 17:30

I am enjoying reading this thread. I bought a scaleo P last year adn the problem is upgrading the graphics. I cannot find out what type of card to fit - PCI, PCIe, AGP?? Does anyone know what card I can fit?

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