scaleo p hissing


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scaleo p hissing

Postby ODDBALL78 » Sun Jan 29, 2006 17:32

I have a scaleo p,pentium4,3.4ghz,1024ram,200ghz,hard drive,n-vidia g-force 6800 graphics card 256mb.The problem i keep having is a itermitent hissing sound coming from the pc [not the speakers] when i am playing games ,it lasts for about 10-15 seconds then will stop for a few mins then start again and so on,and whenever this happens it slows the game down and makes it all jerky when it stops its fine,also i cant run bf2 graphics on high without getting extreme lag when my pc sould be able to i have 1mb internet connection. please can anyone help me i am going insane.PS close to getting the sledge hammer out. HELP PLEASE. :cry:


Postby FSC SUPPORT » Sun Jan 29, 2006 19:01

Try to open the side of the computer, ans put on a game that you know you have probloms with. Then try to hear where the sound comes from. The internal speaker of the computer, or som fan , hdd, or anything



Postby ODDBALL78 » Sun Jan 29, 2006 22:00

FSC SUPPORT wrote:Try to open the side of the computer, ans put on a game that you know you have probloms with. Then try to hear where the sound comes from. The internal speaker of the computer, or som fan , hdd, or anything
Thanks for the reply tried that and it sounds like it,s coming from the main fan attached to the m-board,It,s not the graphics card because i tried my old one and it,s still the same,but since buying my pc from new i got a new graphics card n-vidia gforce 6800 and a 500w power pack could this have caused any problems if it is the fan any ideas whats up with it thanks :?:

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Postby Mike_26 » Tue Jan 31, 2006 20:08

My fan on my Scaleo P is quite Noisy when i'm playing games or the CPU usage is on 100%. However, it doesn't hiss, just sounds like a whirring motor noise. Maybe you should try cleaning your fan if it's dusty, and definitely checking to see that it is the fan (on my Scaleo P, you can see the fan if you shine a torch into the grilled opening on the side. You can see the fan spinning up and down with the noise quite clearly if it is the fan making the noise).

You could try using a program to monitor your fan speeds and CPU heat.
Hope that helped a bit.


Postby Sprite » Mon Feb 06, 2006 15:52


I have had a similar noise coming from my tower and have just had an engineer replace my fan and cpu due to fan failure. The cpu was melted to the fan unit (quite bad apparently :lol: ). You may also notice your hard drive slowing down considerably. Go to your bios and check the cpu fan speed it should read around 7-8000 rpm if running ok.
Hope that helps a bit.


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Postby Mike_26 » Tue Feb 07, 2006 17:14

On my Scaleo P, the fan speed is only around 1500rpm on the AMD Athlon 3200+ CPU fan. It rises to around 3500rpm when playing games. Seems to cool down the CPU fine, but makes quite a noise.

Use Lavalys Home Edition (you can download it off Google) to monitor CPU heat and fan speed.



Postby Ratter » Tue Feb 07, 2006 21:27

Hi,I have a Scaleo T p4 3.2 gig processor with 1 gig of ram and my pc does exactly the same.Engineer has replaced graphics card with no effect.I have ran my system with the side panel off and it ran ok.I suspect these systems are suffering from overheating and require the fitment of extra fans to remove the hot air.I am in the process of purchasing some additional fans myself and will keep you posted.
Hope this helps.
Regards Ratter


Exact same problem as me

Postby jay010981 » Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:57

Hi Guys. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I've searched so many forums to get to the bottom of it.

I have the Scaleo T, 3.4Ghz, Pentium 4 with HT technology and a Radeon 9600 XT. I bought my computer through a scheme at work in December 2004 and when I first got it, it ran great. I was delighted as it was excellent for playing games, the quality was great and there was no lag. I was able to play all my games on the highest settings.

I noticed after only a few months that there was an unusual "hissing" sound coming from the case. I then realised that when the computer was making this sound that the games were "hanging". My computer has continued to do this whenever I play games or use programs that use a lot of resources, like WINavi.

I only have to be playing a game for a couple of minutes before the computer starts hissing and this continues for 10 - 15 seconds every few minutes.

The computer is still under warranty as I got an extended 3-year warranty when I purchased it. I contacted the warranty hotline many months ago to explain the problem and was horrified when I was told to just remove the side panel on the case and run the computer like this to aid the cooling process. I would have assumed that a system that retails for over £1000 would regulate its own temperature.

Anyway I have since done a lot of research on these issues and I do believe that something is faulty. I have downloaded "Everest" and checked my system temps. I am concerned that my system idle temp was 50 degrees C and when I tested it last night by playing Call of Duty for 5 mins it went up to 83. If I'm right in what I have read on other posts then this is far higher than it should be.

Well I have had enough of my FS computer as I'm tired of having what is suppose to be a high end machine running like a budget model. I have written a very clear letter of complaint to FSC and shall wait to see how they will resolve this.

I would be very interested to hear the views of people on hear and certainly hear from people who have had similar problems.

P.S. I haven't even mentioned the problems I have had with FS TFT monitor.


Postby hobbitjack » Mon Mar 27, 2006 13:32

Jay i have exact same pc and exact same prob, i sprayed it a couple of weeks ago with compressed air and this seemed to have reduced the effect, until now its playing up again!

I also had my graphics card replaced, but made no difference.

Im really dissapointed and WILL be getting an answer from them.

How did you get on?


Postby jay010981 » Mon Mar 27, 2006 18:08

Hi hobbitjack
Sorry to hear of more people having this problem. To be honest I still haven't got anywhere with FS. They never responded to my letter after 14 days as requested so I called up. I spoke with a woman called Sue Young; she was who I was told to write to.

It was awful as she had no idea who I was and what problems I was having. When I explained she said "ah, that sounds familiar", great service eh. Anyhow she didn't have clue about anything technical so she suggested I try the warranty hotline to see if they could diagnose the problem.

On Friday evening I called up and spoke to a guy called Imran. I was on the phone for over an hour and got nowhere. Every suggestion he gave I had already tried. The outcome was that the want me to send of the tower for inspection and diagnostic testing. However if they deem the fault to be environmental, as oppose to hardware I will be billed about £130.

This really annoyed me as he said that if they can't find a hardware fault, then it is likely to be dust (environmental) and this isn't covered by the warranty. I'm not sure about sending it away as I'm not convinced they know much about computers and I'm not paying that much for fun.

Simple fact is FS as poorly designed computers and they're warranty doesn't count for S"*t.

I will be calling Sue Young back this week to express my dissatisfaction and I'll let you know if I get any joy. :x


Postby Valiance » Tue Mar 28, 2006 14:40

If they say it is enviromental causes, take your machine to a local store ( I hate to recomend them but PC worlds health check is quite good) and get them to cleen the inside, it's cheaper and then at least that way you would know if it is hardware or enviomental.

I've bought a Scaleo P recently and to say I'm not impressed is an understatment. Getting information about what hardware is in the thing is a pain in the backside and the ability to upgrade is limited, I wasn't happy with the graphics card so bought a new ATI card. Installed it just to find out it's not compatable with the motherboard!! Neadless to say I can wait for this hissing issue to start with my PC, sounds like you're all having so much fun!!!! :roll:


Postby jay010981 » Wed Mar 29, 2006 19:43

Right Guys, UPDATE.

After a lot of research and speaking to people I may have figured this out.

I obviously wasn't going to send the PC away if there was a chance it would cost me £130. So I decided to inspect the CPU fan. I had (or at least thought so) cleared the excess dust. However last night I figured out how to unclip the fan and take it out. I noticed a large build up of dust behind the blades and stuck between the blades and the heatsink.

So today after work I run (really I did) to a computer shop and purchased a can of compressed air and some thermal grease (paste). I removed the fan which is quite easy apart from getting the power cable lose. I unscrewed the fan from the casing and removed it. I was shocked, there was a lot of dust. It looked like fur balls from a cat. I used the air and cotton buds to remove the dust from the heatsink. I also used the air to remove all the dust in the case and around the CPU.

I then used a brand new an unused fine paint brush to remove the dust on any cards / boards inside the computer.

The most important thing I noticed yesterday was that when I removed the heatsink there was no thermal grease on it or the CPU. This is suppose to be very important. I cleaned both the heatsink and CPU with cotton wool and surgical spirit to remove previous residue and dust. You then apply the grease (I have been told that all you need is a small amount on the CPU, about the size of a GRAIN OF RICE).

Well I put everything back together this evening and so far so good. My system idle temp before was about 45C to 50C. It's now about 39C. The big difference is my CPU temp. Before idle it was 58C to 63C and under load 75C to 87C.

Now idle is 38C and under load was no more than 58C. So far it has not hissed. I had noticed that it only hissed when it got very hot.

To summarise I think that the design of these computers is poor, as I don't know anyone else who has had to do these things to a computer which is not a million years old.

I would suggest anyone who has this problem to try this and see if it works for them. If you need help PM me and I'll give you my e mail address and talk you through it. If you’re also unsure of any of the components I mention I took photos at stages to help you through it.

Look forward to hopefully being able to help you guys.


Postby hobbitjack » Thu Mar 30, 2006 19:39

Thats great news jay, im glad its working good for you now :).

Ive also been talking to fujitsu and first time i phoned up, i spoke to this really helpful and nice mannered guy called Mark (if you see this FSC, please give this guy a bonus). He took me though various possibilities etc, but as i was at work, i couldnt do it that easy so he said to call back when home.

So i phone up tonight, but get this asshole has the attitude of a squeezed lemon, sounds like he'd rather be eating nails than help me. All the advice he gave me was, its a problem with over heating, i can process your claim, but if its dusty you will have to pay for it. I was like WTF thats really unhelpful, i then suggested buying a better fan and heatsink out of my own money and he told me if i did i would void the warranty on my CPU. So really i just wasted half an hour of my life getting annoyed with some clown, that should not be customer facing.

Ok rant over.

Jay id love you to contact me via email.

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