My SCALEO P no longer boots up...


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My SCALEO P no longer boots up...

Postby such-the-fool » Mon Dec 26, 2005 0:31

Hi there,

My Acer 19" flat screen monitor stopped working a short while ago. The light came on and went onto standby when i turned the computer off etc. but all i was getting was a blank screen. So I tried plugging my brother's Advent 15" flat screen in which has a DVI-I connector unlike mine. It worked initially but when i got to windows it didnt like the resolution so I couldn't do much with it. Anyway, I tried plugging my one in again and low and behold it started working. BUT what i'm getting now is the screen asking me if i want to start it in safe mode etc, but no matter what option i choose it just resets itself and i end up back at the same screen again. I get a momentary flash of the dreaded blue error screen, but it comes and goes so quickly theres no way I can read what it says.

Obviously by plugging my brother's monitor in, I've altered the hardware settings inadvertantly. Does anyone know if there is there any way to get it working again with my monitor please? Possibly by changing settings in the bios? I seriously don't want to lose everything on my hard drive!

Many thanks,


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