Microphone distorted, and making noises Windows 10

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Joseph Haley
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Microphone distorted, and making noises Windows 10

Postby Joseph Haley » Thu May 13, 2021 20:47


I have now been trying to fix my soundcard and it's noises for quite a while, and i feel like I have been trying everything.
I know all things work in Windows 7, but when I started Windows 10, so it works well enough not bad.

My error, is that my microphone makes crazy noices, like distored alot, and when i speak it only send out quack and noise.
I found one that had the error itself, but none have figured out the mistake it seems.

We are talking about a onboard sound device, on a Asus P9X79 LE, which have the Realtek technology. I have already tried to install the newest windows update driver, and even the driver from realteks homepage, and from asus's own driver folder, And nothing have seemed to handle my problem, everything remains the same, a microphone which is distorted as sick, and everything it sends out is quack and noise.

If you any have some ideas on how to fix this, I'd be quite happy.

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Ask Fujitsu
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Re: Microphone distorted, and making noises Windows 10

Postby Ask Fujitsu » Tue May 18, 2021 16:27

Dear Joseph Haley

Would you kindly provide us with the SystemScan report of the affected device?

Please be advised that for security reasons, please advised to share this information with us through email: user.forum@ts.fujitsu.com so we can forward the details to our team.

Kind regards,
Forum Team

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