DX100 iSCSI SAN not Connecting to VMware


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DX100 iSCSI SAN not Connecting to VMware

Postby callmemonks » Sat May 13, 2017 11:37

I've set up a Fujitsu DX100 S3 SAN with four iSCSI connections. As far as I know it's been correctly set up and I have tested this by connecting the SAN to a server which has correctly mounted the volumes.

My issue is trying to connect this SAN to our VMWare environment running vCentre 5.0.

The SAN appears in the Static Discovery tab in the iSCSI Storage Adaptor properties when entering the IP addresses of the iSCSI connections in the Dynamic Discovery tab (including the correct IQN names for the connections).

However, the problems start when a rescan of the storage adaptor is performed. The SAN does not show up on the devices section.

After checking the log files I noticed that in the vmkernel.log file there is an entry for when the SAN is bought ONLINE but soon after there is another entry (a warning) which reads:

"...iSCSI connection is being marked "OFFLINE" (Event: 4)"

Does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on and how I can resolve this issue and get the SAN connected to our VMWare environment?

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Re: DX100 iSCSI SAN not Connecting to VMware

Postby me@work » Sun May 14, 2017 9:39

"AFAIK it's correctly been set up"...
...well, fine, but how did you verify this?

Did you follow instructions from "Server Connection Guide for ETERNUS DX Systems with iSCSI interface and connected to VMware

Version 27, Jan 2017"?

Please find it on http://support.ts.fujitsu.com; from "IT Products and Systems" select "Storage" and then your storage device. Click tab "Documents", and search the list for "SCG (iSCSI) for VMware".

In a first attempt, I'd like to suggest to connect only ONE network cable, and check again. Most probably, the network configuration is inappropriate for the concurrent VMware multipath access to the LUNs (if they have been set up already...).
Not to mention the ridiculously/frighteningly old vSphere version, of course.

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