Expanding current RAID5 Group on Eternus DX90 S2


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Expanding current RAID5 Group on Eternus DX90 S2

Postby roneladmin » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:37


I am new with our SAN Storage Eternus DX90 S2 and I have a question regarding our current RAID Group. Is it possible to expand our current RAID5 Group by adding another 5 hardisk without data lost or affecting something in our storage?

Thanks a lot.
Really need your help team.


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Re: Expanding current RAID5 Group on Eternus DX90 S2

Postby Davie » Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:03

RAID group expansion is what you need - find it under RAID group management in the Web GUI

Check the Web GUI manual for further details but the biggest thing to note is to backup all your data on the RAID group before expansion. RAID expansion can take a LONG time, especially if you are adding 5 disks (I think it will let you add 5 disks at once but logically it adds them one at a time). So this expansion could potentially take days, if not weeks, and the data could be at risk during that time.

Also (from the manual) When expanding drives, use drives that have the same capacity and
speed as the drives that configure the target RAID group. If drives of
different capacities exist in a RAID group, the smallest capacity
becomes the standard for the RAID group after expansion, and all other
drives are regarded as having the same capacity as the smallest drive.
In this case, the remaining drive space will NOT be used. In addition, if
drives of different speeds exist in a RAID group, the access performance
of the RAID group is reduced by the slower drives.

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