DX60 problems


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DX60 problems

Postby yang-wei » Thu Apr 09, 2015 14:12

hi, everyone, i have a questions about DX60.

this dx60 is moved from another company, with no disk, but the raid configuration is exist, so I want to delete them, when i log into web page, i can't delete volume and raid group, the choice box is gray, so i can't select any raid group or volume group to delete. I'm root user, but can't delete anything,
is this dx60 is bad?

anyone can help me ?

many thanks

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Re: DX60 problems

Postby Davie » Thu Apr 09, 2015 14:16

It may be that it won't let you delete them if the disks don't physically exist any more but usually when deleting things you have to delete in reverse order - ie RAID groups can't be deleted if volumes exist; volumes can't be deleted if they are in affinity groups .. so first of all remove affinity groups etc, then volumes, then finally RAID groups.

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Re: DX60 problems

Postby yang-wei » Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:37

Davie, thanks to you.

the dx60 maybe can't delete raid configuration if the disk is not exist. I need an official reply of it.

I use "restore" or "factory restore", it's also fail, maybe a problem of this storage ?

I want to upgrade firmware, but can not find the firmware of dx60 in fujitsu web site, where is it?

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Re: DX60 problems

Postby dustynet » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:59


I also have the same issue. A DX60/80 SAN with all disks removed. Im now unable to remove the config relating to the volume / disk group which is preventing me from re-provisioning this unit with new disks.

Can anyone advise of a way to force-remove the volume?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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