Installing Navigon on N520: lessons of a novice

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Installing Navigon on N520: lessons of a novice

Postby RogerK » Tue Jul 24, 2007 20:57

Trying to install satnav software
After I bought a LOOX N520 with GPS I was dismayed to find it had no satnav mapping capability. Perhaps unwisely I set about buying Navigon Mobile Navigator version 6, downloading it from their website for £89. In retrospect I think a TomTom product would have been a better choice, but I was influenced by the PC-Pro magazine's recommendation of the Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) bundle with Navigon; both are German firms.

For days after the download I couldn't install the software. Using WinZip V9 I extracted the 2GB download to a folder on my PC, where I was supposed to execute a file, Start.exe, which would in turn extract .CAB files and install them on a 2GB SD card. Nothing ever happened when I clicked the file. Navigon's 25 p. per minute technical support advised me at some length to re-format the SD card I had not been able to use, and download the 2GB file again.

By the third download I was still within the 14 day period within which you can claim a refund, no questions asked. When I did claim, I was told there was no alternative to paying more for a DVD version of the un-installable product. Despite the formal notices informing me of my right to withdraw from the sale within 14 days I was told downloaded software (albeit uninstalled and not activated) did not qualify. I had only to look at the Terms & Conditions to see. In fact the Ts & Cs had no such exclusion, but Navigon would admit no alternative. I would have to pay them £43 more to retrieve their failure, and they would supply a DVD. I should add that the download of MN6 has no text or PDF file guidance about the installation procedure, and the support desk could only say that the Start.exe file should do the trick and had I tried disabling my firewall during the download etc.

After a fourth download, my total now being 8GB downloaded, I stumbled upon the answer. Instead of extracting the zip file, I should use another WinZip procedure, which I have had no need of before, called Check Out. Hover the mouse pointer over this in WinZip and it offers to set up 20 or so icons. Pretty useless, I thought, but I did it, and instead of extracting the downloaded file to a single folder, it extracted in a more complex way to more than one folder on my PC creating some sort of folder structure. From here Start.exe did its stuff, and asked what language to use and where to install the unpacked files. Selecting the 2GB SD card I had an installation at last.

Getting Navigon to function
The next problem was that the Navigon program ran OK, but failed to recognise any input from the GPS satellite detection already on the PDA, and already reporting fixes on earth-orbiting satellites. About one in ten attempts got a result, and then, briefly, I was in the business of following a route with voice and mapping guidance. A downloaded upgrade from version 6.15 to 6.2 failed to solve the problem.

It's still a problem, but Google searches pointed towards an answer. You can't expect with present technology to open the Navigon software and immediately, every time, be on the road with the friendly voice. The mathematics is too complicated, takes too long. Before opening the Navigon software, let the resident GPS Locator have its head. It may need 12 or 15 minutes to lock into as many satellites as are available. The display shows some colour, yellow and later green, and then your PDA is information-rich. Close it and start Navigon. This is called a warm start. Never try and open the GPS Locator at the same time as the Navigon program: there is a conflict over a single port (COM8 by the way, with 9600 baud). Navigon now finds the GPS data, although it may need nudging sometimes with a quick use of the on-off button, or Options / GPS Status / Settings / OK. But once the heavy computations have been made, satnav will function and keep going for a good while.

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Postby sjdigital » Sat Jul 28, 2007 22:04

Like you, I bought the N520 (with Navigon bundle) on the strength of the PC Pro review. But unlike you, I've had absolutely no problems with either the original installation or the MN|6 upgrade which I also bought via the download. It installed onto a Sandisk 2GB SD card and just worked. To install I double clicked on the application file 'Start.exe' and it installed everything on the SD card.

As for running the GPS locator first, I've never had to do that. OK, it isn't quick to find the satellites from a cold start, but from a warm start, i.e. from the same place as it last had a fix, it is fine. For me it's the perfect system as it covers central and eastern Europe much more comprehensively than the Tele Atlas maps that Tom Tom use. YMMV

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