Navigon 5 - install on PDA or on SD card?

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Navigon 5 - install on PDA or on SD card?

Postby Beeley » Tue Mar 27, 2007 20:33

Can anyone advise on the optimum place to install Navigon 5 and POI Warner on a LOOX N560 please? Is there any advantage in having it in main memory as opposed to storing it all on a 2 Gig SD card?

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Postby royscheper » Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:44

As far as I know, placing the program (not the maps) on the main memory of your pda, is quicker dan placing it on a memory card..

But I've got TomTom, and I placed it at first @ the main memory, but now the program and the maps are placed on my sd card, and I didn't notice any difference..

But Navigon is kinda slow, so maybe the best thing to do is to place it in the main mem.

Just test it..

Sorry for the not so good english..

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Postby sjdigital » Sat Mar 31, 2007 20:28

I've recently installed Navigon MN|6.1 and found that, surprisingly, it was much quicker to load when installed on the SD card rather than in main memory! I compared three different cards - PNY, SanDisk, and SanDisk Ultra II - and found that the fastest startup was with the software installed on the regular SanDisk. However, I couldn't notice any difference between them once the programme was loaded but the starup time was some 20 seconds less with the standard SanDisk card.

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