[N560] Language Change

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[N560] Language Change

Postby ozmate » Thu Feb 01, 2007 21:33

Having admired this product for quite a while, I found one in a store in Germany and bought it. You guessed it, stuck in the German language. No problem, I'll just go to the settings and change it. No go, can't find how to do it.
Next step, the net. Found lots of posts on forums complaining of the same thing. Forum administrators with bulging veins repeating over and over. You should have checked the language, changing the rom is illegal, caveat emptor, buy one in the correct language, etc. You get the idea. I called FSC in the UK. Sure we can change it.. £100.
Well in light of the fact that the box this thing came in was printed almost entirely in the English language and on the back stated For use in and went on to name about 29 countries, I could only assume that I would find a way of making it speak English to me.
I wrote a letter to this effect to Mr Bernd Bischoff, CEO of FSC and received no reply. A second, recorded delivery letter has produced no reply as well.
My next step will be to write similar letters to this to computer and PDA mags and also going to other media. Not a big story but one which shows a complete lack of respect to the customer. I will publicise this as widely as I can so others will not be caught out.

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Re: N560 Language Change

Postby fdemers » Tue Jan 27, 2009 13:22

Hello and deepest sympathies...

I live in Ukraine and want a PDA with wi-fi, gps and Windows in English. Or one that can be set to English after purchase. No way to mail-order, Ukrainian Customs will regrettably misplace it.

I have talked to ASUS, MITAC, HP (not tried the CEO of FSC yet but might). Same answers from all:

1- Technically impossible
2- Violation of license, illegal, bad, bad idea...

Set aside the "technically impossible" part (there is no such thing as a technical impossibility) for a moment. Think about the "Violation of license" argument. Now, what possible license could all these manufacturers have in common? If you guessed "A license to re-sell Microsoft Windows Mobile", you win a cigar!

And that is where the problem really is: the cost of Windows Mobile is not the same for all languages. FSC is actually trying to help you but they may not change the language on your device unless they want to pick a court fight with Microsoft. To change you device, they have to buy a new license for a new ROM. Actually, they would do it on your current ROM but they are probably not allowed to disclose that (but I am).

So your next letter should really be addressed to Mr. William H. Gates III

Dear Moderator, please do not censor this post: this is one of the most frequently-discussed topics on PDA forums. If users knew the answer, it would lower the load on your servers.


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Re: N560 Language Change

Postby ozmate » Tue Jan 27, 2009 13:30

I Got rid of it on ebay the following week at a loss. Good riddance! Have now advised lots of people about buying FS products.
Problem does not necessarily lie with Microsoft, just who is buying what from whom.

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