Primergy TX1330 M1 system power on/off not working properly

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Primergy TX1330 M1 system power on/off not working properly

Postby 1di9 » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:52

A Primergy TX1330 M1 server has been set to shutdown at a certain time and wake up after some time via the System Configuration software running under Windows Server 2012 R2. One day, after a thunderstorm that interrupted the energy for many hours, programmed power on and off have stopped working properly.
Server shut down correctly but don't wake up. Waked up manually, shutdown again by itslef after some hours. In the event monitor is shown "System shutdown due to a <Realtime Clock> event" even if a shutdown is not set anywhere.
I've installed the latest bios, checked if BIOS time is correct and looked for some wrong setting withuot finding anything incorrect, but this strange behavior continues.
I've disabled programmed power on and off and all is working correctly, but I cannot understand why such a weird thing happened.....

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