Serverview appliance vCenter

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Serverview appliance vCenter

Postby Alein » Mon Aug 27, 2018 21:15

Hi, I have a huge problem with ServerView Appliance.

It seems that SV plugin is not registered on vCenter, but It should be.


First of all, there are two manuals on how to do it

I did everything as in manual, except SNMP credentials. According to manuals when I see Extension Address LOCAL, I should be fine. But I am not.

Secondly, there are some errors and missing information in manuals.
1. Repository URL - it is empty.

2. Appliance version 2.6.6 is available to download, but in manuals are


Can someone help me with the problem?
All ESXi are configured correctly with IPMI. I am getting some logs (alarms)
Perhaps problem is with version, but I do not see v3 to download.

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