Warning Led blinking in Primergy RX100 S5

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Warning Led blinking in Primergy RX100 S5

Postby richia » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:56


I have this very old Primergy RX100 S5 with the warning led blinking. I took a look in the BIOS log and there was two errors:

Sensor type - 0F System Firmware Error/Progress
Sensor Number - C0 System BIOS
SEL Event Type - 6F Sensor-specific
Event Descrption - BIOS POST KBD error
SEL Event Data - C0 07 00
Sensor type - 22 System ACPI Power State
Sensor Number - 53 Pwr Btn Override
SEL Event Type - 6F Sensor-specific
Event Descrption - iRMC ACPI S5 ovrride
SEL Event Data - 0A FF FF

I have found little information about them on the Internet, that's why I came here. I don't know if the are critic problems or I can live with them (I don't really understand what the errors mean).

Just one more curious thing, the warning LED is not always blinking, on each reboot sometimes blinks and sometimes don't.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Warning Led blinking in Primergy RX100 S5

Postby Davie » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:01

The power button override message is probably just that - you've reset the server at sometime but forcing a power off. No timestamps on your message so it could be recent or could be ancient. Unlikely this is causing the LED though

The other message is also self explanatory - BIOS Keyboard error - keyboard not found? Does the server have a keyboard connected? Or maybe a KVM which old servers sometimes didn't detect properly.

Again not a serious error but serious enough to generate a POST error which is why the LED is lit up. Check your keyboard or KVM - also look in the BIOS - there may be a setting in there to ignore keyboard errors (the server is so old I can't remember!)

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Re: Warning Led blinking in Primergy RX100 S5

Postby ameliaalby » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:36

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