Reconfigure RAID with REST API calls

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Reconfigure RAID with REST API calls

Postby pauldh » Wed Jul 11, 2018 13:13

Hi All,

I'd like to ask some more information about the scripting API. It's a bit unclear what is needed exacly for reconfiguring existing machines. I've attached the documentation that I could find.

We're able to configure a blanc server with a array and logicaldisk, but we would like extend this to reconfigure existing servers that ain't blanc. In short we would like to perform the scenario below:

  • Check if server has a existing configuration
  • If server has a existing config, remove everything
  • Create a default config (Raid mirror) (we've already got this covered)
  • Test if server has the correct config (we've already got this covered)

I've read the API documentation:

Are there any best practices or examples?

Regards, Paul

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