Primergy TX300 S7 won't boot

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Primergy TX300 S7 won't boot

Postby csadam » Wed May 16, 2018 13:02

I've added a network adapter to the white slot (slot 1). I've NOT changed anything in the BIOS. (BIOS Version: V4.6.5.3 R1.29.0 for D2949-A1x)
But the server refused to boot after that. I've removed the card, but it still don't manage to get through the POST phase.

There is only a VGA monitor attached to the server. No keyboard, no pendrive, no additional extension cards (except the dedicated RAID controller in slot 10 and the disks).
The symptoms are the following:
  • The fans and the hard disks spin up.
  • There isn't any picture on the monitor. The iRMC video redirection shows no picture. No beeping.
  • Every component is green in the iRMC.
  • After a while it logs the following to the event log then the server turns itself off. The General Error led starts blinking.
Critical 080099 Watchdog BIOS POST Watchdog - Action: Hard Reset (Post Code: 0x9A) System Hang

Could you please help what should I check/do?

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